Thursday, November 11, 2010

June 3, 1933: On the train

Saturday June 3, 1933

1933 NY Central train.

                                                                                                           Left Brooklyn Army Base at 6 P.M. by boat to Weehawken New jersey arrived at 7 P.M. Train left at 11:40 P.M. it was by New York Central.
Traveled along Hudson River past Bear Mt. & West Point & past Albany at 2:10 A.M. Passed Utica at 5 A.M.  Arrived at Syracuse at 8:A.M. Very nice town stopped for a while for water & fuel. On our way again to Rochester arrived at 10 A.M. after having roll call and a little exercise got ready to leave at 11:00 A.M. On our way again passed through town of Chile at 11:25 then later past town of South Byron at 11:45 A.M. Went through town of Batavia--a very nice town at 12:05. On our way to Buffalo we passed through Depew at 12:30 P.M. Arrived at Buffalo at 12:45. A very nice city, quiet and peaceful looking.

Left Buffalo at 1:20 P.M. then went through Derby & Erie PA at 70 miles per hr. and a few other small towns on the outskirts of Penn. Then we left Penna. and into Ohio. Arrived at a town called Painesville after a little engine trouble. Left there at 4:45 P.M. and was on our way to Cleveland. Arrived at 5:35 P.M. Walked around for half hour. Back on train again. Left Cleveland at 6:15 P.M. and passed thru Lindale, a small town in Ohio. Then we went over Lake Erie, a beautiful sight at 7:30 then thru some towns, Gypsum, Danbury, at a terrific speed, arrived at Toledo at 8:15 P.M. 
Toledo 1933
Not so crazy about this town from what I've seen although it seemed to be a very big town for manufacturing. Left Toledo at 9:05. Rode along pretty fast through Delta then thru Wauseum at 10 P.M. that night. Then into state of Indiana--a very beautiful state. Arrived at Elkhart at 11:05 P.M. a lively city. A large crowd formed at the station as the train pulled in. Spoke to some of the folks which were very sociable. Left there at 11:40 on our way again at rapid pace.

Arrived in Chicago at 12:55 on N.Y. time which was 2 hrs different already. Only a few of us were awake, those in charge of cars. Stopped for a few hrs. took a walk, saw some of the "World's Fair" and couldn't stay very long. But what we saw was very pretty all lighted up like Luna Park only much nicer.

Left Chicago at 2:55 then went to bed and couldn't see where we went through. The Pullman train was swell. I had a compartment for myself as I was in charge of the car.  

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Missing 12 Days

At this point the book has four blank pages and is missing 12 days. One can only speculate why, after five weeks of diligently writing every day, he stopped writing on May 17. The blank pages seem to indicate that he meant to fill in those days, but after the four blank pages, he left for the West. The style for the rest of the log is very different from the previous. It's written in red, and the dates flow together.  Stay tuned for the good stuff.

Another Explanation:

For a series of assorted reasons including the writing and publication of my book, That Shakespeare Kid, I have allowed this project to lapse. But now, with a much better scanner and a much better incentive, I plan to complete the work.

Wednesday May 17, 1933

Arrived at Base at 7:00, got a pass, went to Fort Hancock, was a wonderful trip by boat. Saw Jim there. The place was wonderful. Only the place they slept in was awful. Came back to army base in afternoon, had nice dinner, then lay around for the afternoon.

Tuesday May 16, 1933

Got up at 6:30, met Pauline on train, rode down with her a ways. Got at base at 8:30, felt lousy all day. Wrote a letter to Kitty A., had chow. After chow listened to some good advice from Capt. Genthon about camping. Went to NY, stopped at aunt's house, no one home, so I took the train and went home. Hung around the neighborhood until 7:30. Got a call from Terry. Told her I would see her SUnday at the Dinner and Dance. John Cala came around after supper and Yony Brown. Went to bed at 10:30 mthjat night.

Monday May 15, 1933

Got up very early, came to Army base at 5:30 in Jim's car. Jim had breakfast at our place, liked it very much. Later went down to see him off at Pier at 10 o'clock. Had chow at 12 which was very good what I mean. Later went out for a Sun bath, then made an appointment with the dentist for Thursday morning. Then went home. Took boys home in Jim's car, then wentr for a ride in Shapiro's buggy, then went to Brownsville with the boys and Miriam. Boys went shopping. Came home, took the car to Jim's house, saw Mary & Sue in front of the house. Bid them good night then walked home & to bed. Found a letter from Kitty.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sunday May 14, 1933

Got up at 10, went to church, saw Pauline. Came home went for a ride to Brownsville for Grace pictures. Afternoon Jim and Mary came over, stayed in front of house. Later they went to the show. Spoke to Christina for a while, then went for a walk, met the boys, stood around for a while then went to bed.

Saturday May 13, 1933

Met Pauline at Station. She was all dolled up. Made an appointment to see her in church on Sunday. Later took a shower then got a pass, went home, dressed up, went for a ride, bought a pair of shoes. Then went to De Vita Party. Had a nice time. Went to bed about 3:00 AM Sunday morning.

Friday May 12, 1933

Up at 6:30 which was getting to be a habit. Met Pauline on Station. Rode downtown with her. Had some fun. Arrived at Base. Same as usual all day long. Home at 5:30. Tony Brown was there. Saw Anna that night. She had a message from Terry. Hung around the block until late then went to bed.

Thursday May 11, 1933

Got up at 6:30 for second time. Felt good. Had breakfast, left for base. Met Pauline again on station. It's getting to be a habit. Rode down with her, met lieutenant on train. Found out he lived on Boyd Ave. Had some exercise then went for a long hike. It was good, then had lunch, then went to work in Supply room. Afternoon went fast. Not much happened that day. Went home and same as usual, went for a walk after supper, went to bed early.

Wednesday May 10, 1933

Got up at 6:30, later than usual. Met Pauline at station. Rode down to work with her. Kidded her all the way down. Arrived at Base at 8:30. Saw a soldier in the Hoosegow for making a riot. Went thru daily routine. In the afternoon went to Anna Morgan's house with [Olive?], put a load of wine on, went home at the usual time. Met Fay, Pauline's girlfriend, had supper, went to see John Cala, then went for a ride in Shapiro's car. Took Margie someplace, later saw Anna who had a message from Terry. I sent her a note, later met Millie B. and Cousin. Walked her home then stopped off at Bakery, the went home to bed.

Tuesday May 9, 1933

Back to Army Base early. Missed breakfast. Went down for roll call, then went to laundry, worked for a while, then had chow with pie. For first time had a nice meal. Some of the boys were left without pie. Went down for exercise in afternoon, then went for walk. Went home at four, not much happened that night. Stayed around the neighborhood, then went for a walk, then to bed at 11.

Monday May 8, 1933

Got up, had breakfast, met boys at station, came to Base. Did some stiff exercise, then went up to work in Supply Room for a while. Then had lunch. Lay around in afternoon, got a pass at 4 PM, went home in the rain. Got home, changed, went to Cala's house. Saw Sue only everybody was out. Later met Sam & Mr. Cala on street. John had gone to hospital. Back home Sam Stone came, stayed for the night. Took a walk to City Line with boys. Went for a ride with Shapiro's car. Passed Pauline's place, saw Fay, went to bed about 11:00.

Sunday May 7th, 1933

Got up about 11, shaved, dressed up, went out. John C. came over then we went to Larry's house. Stayed for a while then went home, had dinner then we went out. Got a telephone call from Terry saying she wasn't coming over for she had company, but would see me during the week. Later Emily called, told her about Army, was very surprised. Told her I would call her sometime. Took a walk up the Park with the boys, stayed up there till 10:30, then came back home, met some of the boys, hung around. Then went home to bed. Found out they took Willy's brother to hospital for appendicitis.

At the Movies

Got up, dressed up, had breakfast, left for Base. It started to rain when I got off train. Looked like it was going to be a lousy day. Had an inspection of all bunks and clothes. Later went down to Pier to meet boat that Jim wrote about, but it never came. Dressed up in Civi. clothes, went to meet Pauline. Met her and went to a show & saw  "Gabriel Over the White House." Had a nice time, left her late in the afternoon, went home, met Jim and Mary over the house. Hung around all day, nothing else happened that day; went to bed about 11.