Friday, November 5, 2010

Wednesday May 10, 1933

Got up at 6:30, later than usual. Met Pauline at station. Rode down to work with her. Kidded her all the way down. Arrived at Base at 8:30. Saw a soldier in the Hoosegow for making a riot. Went thru daily routine. In the afternoon went to Anna Morgan's house with [Olive?], put a load of wine on, went home at the usual time. Met Fay, Pauline's girlfriend, had supper, went to see John Cala, then went for a ride in Shapiro's car. Took Margie someplace, later saw Anna who had a message from Terry. I sent her a note, later met Millie B. and Cousin. Walked her home then stopped off at Bakery, the went home to bed.

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