Friday, September 25, 2015

August 21, 1933

Finally, one day, August 21, it started to snow and we were sent back to camp. It snowed all day long. It was a pleasure to get back and sleep in our bed again after sleeping under the stars with nothing over us but three blankets and sleeping on a bunch of pine boughs. It was some experience; the sky was beautiful. After I got back to camp I got a bunch of mail from my friends and from home. My sister wrote and told me that I old sweetheart Nettie Parinello has been over the house and looking for me. I was greatly surprised. I answered all my mail including some from Jim Cala who sent me some photographs of himself, Mary, and Sue and a large one of Mae West who he knows is my favorite actress and a letter that made me go hysterical with laughter. As usual he was a corker at writing letters.

After a good night's rest I took another trip to California with the girlfriend of mine and stayed over for a few days. I also found out from her that she was very serious about me staying up there for good and living with her folks. Right then and there, I stated to her that I had no intention of staying there after my term and that made her very unhappy. But she got over it before we got back to Wyoming, thank God.

One night we went to a dance at Fishing Bridge Hotel we were all dressed up in civilian clothes. We were having a nice time. All evening, the women were sociable. About 11 o'clock one of the boys asked a girl for dance and her escort passed a remark and asked him if he was a CCC man. The fellow said yes and the girls escort said that no CC man could dance with his girl. Where upon, an argument started and the place was in an uproar. We all started to fight. The Rangers were summoned and we had to jump out of windows and porches in order to get away from getting locked up. After that night we all were barred from going to the dance. What a break for us.

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