Friday, September 25, 2015

Saturday, July 1, 1933

On Saturday July 1, we got paid and everybody was in high spirits. On Sunday, we all went to Livingston. The town was celebrating their 50th Anniversary. The town was in an uproar. They started off with a big Parade which consisted of all the cowboys and cowgirls in the nearby towns and their children, all on horseback from 2 yrs old and up. It was a treat to see kids riding horseback. Then a mob of Indians from a nearby reservation came down on old stage coaches & the young Indians were on horseback.

Then as usual there were some clowns or comedians in the Parade. Later we went to a restaurant and had a meal. Then we went to B Street and saw some of the girls we knew. We stayed there for a few hours the we went to the Rodeo with the girls. The fun and thrills I seen Rodeos in movies, but not like this. It started off by some of the Cowboys & Cowgirls giving some bareback riding which was beter than the circus riders. Then there was some bronco busting. Some of the cowboys were hurt very bad, busted heads & legs or ribs. Then there was steer roping & calf roping. Then steer dogging, then some relay racing on horseback. Meanwhile the clowns were always clowning. One of the clowns had his son there. His name was Little Hank Jr. He was the child wonder of the West. He also played in moving pictures. I got the biggest kick out of the kid than anything else in the Rodeo. Later I got a picture of the kid and he autographed it. Then the Indians came out and started going crazy, riding full speed & war dances & making all kinds of noises. Later, after some more races, the Rodeo was over. It was the best and the first one I ever seen.

We went to a hotel for the night, then we had supper. Then we went out and took the town over by storm. We went to a dance. It was swell, but not so good at dancing, but very sociable. I walked one girl to her ranch which was 2 miles away. On the way home, we stopped at the lakeside park. We had a nice time then finally we left for her home. I got back to the hotel at 3:30. The boys kidded me along as usual, But I didn't mind. It was worth it.

Next day we saw another parade; walked around town. Some of the boys got into an argument and cut some guys up and we got marked lousy by the town Police. That night at 6 P.M. we left Livingston to go back to camp. After 5 hrs. of mountain tiding and cold breeze, we arrived at camp.

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