Friday, September 25, 2015

Union Pacific R.R. Wyoming to N.Y, September 20, 1933. Wednesday

Left camp at 8 a.m. sharp on trucks to West Yellowstone. Arrived at Station 11 o'clock. After looking town over for a few hours, we were given eats and put on the train, and given our berths. And we were ready to take off. We pulled out at 2:45 Mountain Time. Went through towns of Big Springs at 3:30, later through Truckee. All very small towns also Island Park and Eccles and Pine View, another small town called Warm River. Then into Ashton Idaho a pretty nice town at 4:50 o'clock.  Chester, Twin Groves and St Anthony. And then we stopped at a town called Pocatello . Please stop there for a few hours. A swell town. We had plenty of fun there with some girls and almost missed our train. We then fixed our berths and went to bed. We woke up at 6:30 in a town call Rawlins, a nice size town. Stopped there for water and on our way again through deserts, and all we could see was sand and sage brush. And then we went through lots of small towns such as Fort Steele, Wolcott, Hannah, Medicine Bow, Rock River, Lookout, Laramie , Hermosa, Sherman, Buford, Borie, Corlet Junction. We then came to a town called Cheyenne which was the capital and a large city. We walked around awhile etc. Archer, Hillsdale, Burns, Potter Connor, Sidney, Chappe, Julesburg, Colorda, a nice town Big Springs, Ogalalla, Buxton, Sutherland or follows Hershey. Ofallons, North Platte. We raise more hell and nearly missed the train.

Sugar City
Idaho Falls

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