Friday, September 25, 2015

The Last Days in Yellowstone

I got a new position as a chauffeur, which was another racket driving boys to and from work and also going to town for supplies and excursion trips which were 100 miles at least and over. And driving in those mountains was no cinch: narrow roads on top of mountains which means death if you make a mistake.

September 1st to 3rd I was in the hospital and I certainly enjoyed it.  I had some trouble with my throat. There I met some pretty nurses and we used to sit out on the porch at night and tell stories. Finally they got wise to me and sent me back to camp. I was sorry to leave and they was sorry to see me go, as so they said.

One day we took another trip to Gardner and raised hell. Most of the boys got drunk on beer and we're going wild stealing horses and making plenty of trouble. Finally after a few of them were locked up. The rest of them got on the trucks and we started back to camp. When we arrived we got a bawling out as usual but nothing was done about it, our captain being one of the best army officers in the US Army and a good sport. We all chipped in and got him a swell gift, and he was certainly glad to get it from us. Snow was coming down regular but it used to melt in a day or so. Bear fights were very common especially black and brown against Grizzlies which ended in murders among them. And they hollered to make your blood chill.

We finally got news that we were going to leave on September 20th. The boys went wild. Nobody could sleep for a few nights, breaking beds, hanging them on trees was a hobby. And another fire broke out again a few days before we were going to leave. We fought like hell to get it out. We didn't want to get stuck out in the fire for the 20th. I got a truck one day and took a bunch of the boys out for a tour of the park for the last time. Everything seemed as interesting as the first time I seen them. I hated to leave the park. It was a beautiful place and I enjoyed myself while I was there immensely.

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